WKDigital builds powerful websites that blend great, user-friendly design with marketing strategies focused specifically on your short and long-term business goals.


We have a high rate of customer retention because the best results come from partnerships and because launching your new site is just the start of reaping online rewards.

We get a kick out of watching people and businesses grow through the online solutions that are personal, practical and can adjust to meet the needs of the people they impact.


Dispensing with the jargon, we are here because we love technology but ours is still a people business. We would love the opportunity for our people to talk to your people, so give us a call today.



white knight digital staff

Debbie-Marketing Cristina-Client Operations Michael-Client Manager Santosh-Designer Michael-Marketing LJ-Developer Joanne-Operations Cata-Developer Amanda-Designer Mike-Operations Amanda-Managing Director
WKDigital delivers powerful websites and marketing strategies with a personal touch.



Design is an evolving and personal part of the site creation process. We listen first, discuss best strategy and then create something visually satisfying that works efficiently on all devices, all in a jargon free environment.

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With beauty & balance we build sites that make shopping and order management easy & flexible. Building online shopping carts globally since 2008, we know all the latest global trends can work locally for you.

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Our speciality in real time online ordering in the food service and hospitality serves our long-term client base with mobile-friendly, fast ordering software that looks after itself & can integrate with other in-house software.

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With sustainable results you can bank on, we offer a pragmatic partnership that combines your end goals with an adaptive to approach to changes Google makes. We optimise for maximum quality traffic together with top rankings.

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There is a science to PPC, and time effort around testing, split testing and knowing how to write the ads that get the highest conversion rates. Experience is the key and we create successful campaigns that lower your cost per click.

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Its not a popularity contest, it's about quality conversational engagement with real users where they prefer to meet and talk. Let us create an organic approach that will deliver long term brand loyalty and accessibility.

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Have two different pieces of software and wished they'd talk to each other? Whether its Point of sale to accounting software, website enquiries to email marketing or something else we can help create automated bridges to make your life easier.

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Its why our customers stay with us, because they want the comfort of knowing there is 24 hour 7 day a week support in case your site needs it. Partner with us and you can sleep easy knowing we’re here for you and your website.

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Your Online Presence Grows with WK in 4 Stages


You tell us about your business & your industry, in your terms. Tell us what drives you and where you want to be. We help guide those initial conversations, without technical jargon, so you get a sense of the possibilities influenced strongly by your own story and goals.

Analyse & Grow

Because you now have an online marketing strategy, not just a new website, we are tracking your results from day one and adjusting and optimizing your site to convert eyes to real leads for your business. Our ongoing partnership means you always have informed feedback that makes you glad you chose us.

white knight process


The story of your business and its short and long term goals is unique and the online marketplace has many options. Our expertise really kicks in when we finalise your online growth plan with design,useability and search-friendliness built to achieve your specific goals.


Our team loves building beautiful, practical websites & shopping carts that always have the best online marketing practices in mind. Together with you we have discussed your goals, agreed on a plan to achieve those, now its time to construct the vision.

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