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Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

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Whether you report to a boss, a board, or only to yourself you insist that every marketing dollar invested must have a return. You also know that digital is broad and the right agency connects the dots to deliver meaningful results.

Meet WK Digital, the team with great ideas and listening skills, paired with a laser-focus on getting you an increasing ROI in a complex online marketplace.


Web Design

Creative and careful data-driven design for the best customer experience.


Custom-designed, sales-focused online stores that can integrate with (almost) anything.


The right strategy and tools for delivering ROI directly to your website.


Support & security for your online assets, giving you peace of mind 24/7/365.

Software Development

Software from scratch to bridge the data gap between your existing systems & workflow.

Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing the customer experience with 24/7 intelligent service & support.

Our Work

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4 Simple Web Design Techniques for Better Lead Generation

Roses are FF1919, violets are 1C86EE, Futura is a controversial font choice but Comic Sans is just wrong. But seriously, why is great web design still such a big deal and how does it translate into better sales results? Great Design Knows the Visitor Already Even if you’re a new business you will have some […]

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The Great Thing About Problems

I love checking my Fitbit App at night, on the days I exercise. Watching the good green vibes explode off my phone when I hit the preset step & activity targets make me feel like a ninja. But when I’m sitting down and I shake my wrist a bit and the step count jumps for […]

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Give Time Back with One Simple Tool

Having watched a few scary TV shows I was pleasantly surprised with the dark sense of fear that passed over me when I finally saw the Upside Down in Stranger Things. The sense of stolen youth and the unknown were palpable, and I’m thrilled season two is finally here. But placing a support request with […]

What our clients have to say

I would highly recommend WK Digital as they are very easy to work with, will listen to your needs and help you achieve your goals in a very cost-effective manner. Their ability to communicate, keep the projects moving and provide post-launch after care has been invaluable.

Shona Clayton, Director of Stakeholder Engagement

St Leo’s College, University of Queensland
St Leo’s College, University of Queensland

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