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WK Digital

Whether you report to a boss, a board, or only to yourself you insist that every dollar spent on digital must have a return. You also know that the best digital products result in great online customer experiences. The right agency enables those experiences to deliver meaningful, measurable results.

Meet WK Digital, the team with great ideas and listening skills, paired with a laser-focus on improving your customer experience and ROI in a complex online marketplace.


Web Design

Creative and careful data-driven design for the best customer experience.


Custom-designed, sales-focused online stores that can integrate with (almost) anything.


The right strategy and tools for delivering ROI directly to your website.


Support & security for your online assets, giving you peace of mind 24/7/365.

Software Development

Software from scratch to bridge the data gap between your existing systems & workflow.


Enhancing the customer experience with 24/7 intelligent service & support.

Our Work

Latest blog posts

Put Your Feet Up: How to Successfully Embrace Disruption

Covid…invasions…climate action, data breaches – what they all have in common is disruption and if you think 2023 is the year where we get a break from it, think again. But with practice over the last few years comes a more simple way to take advantage of a constantly changing business climate. In 2023 we […]


Better Marketing in Less Time

The integration of CRM and marketing automation tools has lead to increased sharing and visibility of marketing & sales information within those departments and the wider organisation. AI is now more than ever doing the heavy lifting to deliver sophisticated, data-driven insights to help organisations win and retain more customers.   CRM and marketing automation […]

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4 Simple Web Design Techniques for Better Lead Generation

Roses are FF1919, violets are 1C86EE, Futura is a controversial font choice but Comic Sans is just wrong. But seriously, why is great web design still such a big deal and how does it translate into better sales results? Great Design Knows the Visitor Already Even if you’re a new business you will have some […]

What our clients have to say

“We were at the stage where our website required a major reset in order to take advantage of multiple social media platforms as well providing a long overdue face-lift. WK Digital was instrumental in guiding us through the process, meeting regularly with a broad range of stake holders and provided regular updates regarding their progress. The end product speaks for itself!”

Peter O’Brien Head of College Union College UQ

“The Kiiko lighting brand is perfect for the DIY market but our old site was just not converting public interest to online revenue. WK Digital helped us re-launch the Kiiko store with a streamlined, yet still highly customisable ordering process. We would happily recommend WK Digital and their WooCommerce delivery skills.”

Ben Parker Operations Manager, Caribou Lighting

“In a short period of time NextView Software has saved 2 days/week of administrative time and as a leader of the organisation I now have full and instantaneous visibility of our customer service and compliance handling.”

Michael Harding Operations Manager, Bethany Christian Care

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