In Passionate Defense of Point of Sale

WK Digital is passionate about point of sale – kinda weird huh? Well not really when you consider its the thing that keeps all your customer purchases, staff and profit in check every damn day.


We build online point of sale software, what does that even mean? Well principally its your own customised website that processes online orders as efficiently as if your customer was in store.


Sometimes our software is used in replacement of hardware based point of sale, for some it makes sense. But we’re not hardware vendors, our partners are.


9 times out of 10 what business owners are looking for is a great point of sale system that does in store what can be described as the most beautifully choreographed cat herding exercise every damn day.


Minus pepperoni on the meatlovers half of your extra large pizza? Chicken schnitzel in the front kitchen made first before the lamb wrap in the deli for the same order? Need a shirt send from another store? In store POS systems have you covered.


Even better, these systems give you a real time view of profits based on orders less staff and other operational costs, to your phone while you’re taking your mum to the doctor.


POS systems = control and the ability to make fast decisions. Slow day on a public holiday, losing money? Shut the shop early based on the information, not a whingy staff member.


The feedback we get, is that in store POS systems are too expensive. And maybe some of them are, but speaking to most of our industry brethren they’ve adjusted pricing to give you options – so hear them out.


And we know your other equipment costs money, but your fridge can’t tell you (yet) whether you’re making money. So invest in something that does.


We have our favourite POS vendors sure, but only based on a mutual desire to see clients get the very best service for the very best price and the least amount of hassle.


The best part is, if you’ve invested in a good system then getting a website to boost your profits is easy with WebPOS. We set it up and then we send the orders to your POS, just like now. You update product information on your POS, the site is updated at the same time, no extra work. Hands bloody free.


So in 2016 technology and information has made it easier to own and build businesses, but without a software system that controls your operation you’ll just keep wishing you had one, every damn day.

A letter to my daughter on International Women’s Day

Why do we celebrate this day anyway? I can hear you ask that and “haven’t we come far enough?”

Well I’d like you to know that yes, in 2016, we have come a long way.
We can vote, we can play sports, we can be CEOs, we can start and successfully
run our own businesses.

My industry, information technology, is a male-dominated industry, so right away women already stand out. So we
don’t have to fight to get noticed but we’ve always have to have a clear focus on getting noticed for things that impact us specifically.


Through my career in IT I have evolved an interest in the inner workings of computers
and software into fixing real world problems for lots of people in lots of industries.
In this way, getting to work in many different environments provides the ultimate diversity and
variety that I know most people want. This is what I love about IT, but I also know it’s not a career choice
considered by enough women.


I also know that across all industries the gap in pay between men and women for the exact same jobs is real and its
too big. If I stand by and don’t do anything to see that change then I’m letting you and your friends down now, for later.


What I’ve also learned talking to other women, as professionals and as mothers, is that we can’t forget to put
ourselves first when it matters, even if we need to be loud about it sometimes.

So to me, today is important because it’s the day we get together as a group, 50% of the world’s population, and celebrate
our successes and how far we’ve come. And with a loud voice today I tell people I support:

– Setting goals and encouraging more women into information technology careers
– Sharing gender pay data across all industries so we can talk about real solutions for reducing the gap
– Women putting themselves first, professionally and as family members, because we always bring the rest of
the team up with us!