mobile responsive design

3 Ridiculously Practical Reasons why Mobile Responsive Design Matters

You don’t need a new website, do you? So maybe your site is a little out of date, but its got your phone number on it and its pretty easy to see what you offer your customers. Why should you spend money to get a new website?

Typically it comes down to one factor alone – how it looks on a mobile. While we won’t dispute that some industries have a low viewership of websites on mobile devices its entirely possible that number might be low for the exact reason that people can’t see anything on your website on a mobile so they don’t even bother in the first place.

What is mobile-responsive design? Essentially it means taking the desktop version of your website and adjusting the content and sizing of things so that on every other device it looks normal, easy to read and no pinching and zooming are required.

Here are some ridiculously practical reasons why mobile responsive design is critical:

1. Commutes are Longer – People in cars/trains/buses/trams don’t talk to their seat mate anymore – they check out their phone on that hour long trip to work in the city and this includes all generations of people, not just gen-y. Why bust out your laptop when you can use your mobile with one hand?

2. WiFi is Everywhere and Free Most Places – the Shopping Centre, the bus, the coffee shop, the airport – and of course this is for all devices but unless you are editing a document in Word on your laptop, why wouldn’t you just use your mobile?

3. Because You Want People to Call Your Business – On a well-developed site the link to your phone number is always accessible but even better, when you click on it something magical happens – the phone you are on will ask you if you want to call that number immediately. These people that call are leads, that will buy things from you

So of course our awesome designers and developers can help you build the mobile responsive website of your dreams but from the broader web community we would like to formally announce that people use their phones, a lot, and if your website sucks on mobile then it will impact your business.