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Customers Are on Your Website, Now What?

The Good News: you just spent money, blood, sweat and maybe a few tears getting your new website out there.

The Frustrating News: it’s like a plant, it needs to be cared for daily.

The Good News: If you’ve just refreshed it you have an outstanding chance in making it work for you, rather than the other way around.

The Important News: You need to make sure the “Now What?” question has clearly been answered. By giving a good website experience to your current and future customers you need to make sure what you get in return is useful.

Our top three suggestions for the getting the best return:

Visible Contact Phone Number

Your contact phone number should be clearly visible within one finger scroll anywhere on your website

Name and Email Only

Your website freebie (giveaway product, assessment, video, white paper) collects only requires a small amount of information to be given. We suggest first and last name and email, maybe a phone number. This dramatically increases people’s submission rate and allows you to market to them on email (which still has a great return rate – see here)

Useful Data Collection

Integrate any information you collect directly into the online sales tool you use to manage leads. If you use a particular CRM product for example then no one should have to manually add the lead to that program, it should happen automatically so you can get on with selling.

While there are many options for addressing “Now What?” in our next blog we will cover those freebies/giveaways you have on your website that reward people for sharing their contact details.