diy seo


Excited and terrified by SEO at the same time? Are you wondering how to do SEO yourself? Are you just wondering what SEO stands for and really is? You have come to the right place!

A lot more people and companies are up to speed with SEO, or search engine optimisation, and are looking to drive traffic from the top ranks of Google (and Bing) to their website. A lot of that education is driven by Google themselves as their search algorithm (see techniques) changes are happening more frequently and forcing people to take action on websites that don’t make the Google grade.

In general Google’s intent has been the same over the years, to drive the most relevant and user-friendly websites to the top of a given search does benefit us end consumers.

But how can your business stay on track with what Google does without breaking the bank? Here are three important tips for staying up to date with SEO:

1. Read up, regularly – There is not enough space in this blog to list out all of the great, informative resources for SEO but we can get enough of Hubspot, Smart Company (especially Jim Stewart’s Thursday blog) and why not try Google themselves?

2. Give to Get – You may have an awesome website but in this day and age is about giving out information and tools in order to get business. In the biz its called inbound marketing based on knowing that customers will have up to 7 different points of contact with you before they choose you and you need to mix up that contact. A useful blog, a white paper giving them information and decision criteria, a how-to video, its all relevant and you should try and make it as personal as possible.

3. Continue (or start) investing in your social media profile – related to the points of contact but also to your search relevancy, establishing and marketing your business on relevant social media channels is a must. Customers and Google need to find you on more than just your website to attribute credibility.

As a digital marketers we couldn’t be happier that people are proactively seeking out information, wanting to get more involved. We also think it’s wise to remove full dependency on Google search entirely and consider customised paid advertising campaigns on relevant social media channels too, for more information click here.