Put Your Feet Up: How to Successfully Embrace Disruption

Covid…invasions…climate action, data breaches – what they all have in common is disruption and if you think 2023 is the year where we get a break from it, think again.

But with practice over the last few years comes a more simple way to take advantage of a constantly changing business climate. In 2023 we all need to be more…lazy.

Yes, lazy.

We all have those tasks that we dread, that take more resources and way more time than they should. Now instead of repeating the same achingly bad process, put your feet up and think, “surely there has to be a better way”.

Good news – there is!

As all organisations deal with more regulation, more reporting and less resources, 2023 has to be the year you really engage in digitisation and/or digital transformation.

Ok sure, digitisation and digital transformation sound like corporate buzzwords. Done right however, they can take your organisation to the next level, giving you and your team a baseline of efficiency and everyone time back in their day to focus on growth, rather than treading water. 

Transform Your Client Management Experience

Keeping clients is infinitely more cost-effective than relying on new customer revenue and in a constantly changing business environment you will be rewarded for being a stable, thoughtful supplier.

Every organisation has clients to manage, but not all have examined how they became clients, what they like about you and what will make them stay. Putting a microscope over your client experience will lead you in the direction of what is good, and critically what should be next.

Transforming your client experience happens by making everyday interactions with your organisation easier and simultaneously more difficult to replicate with another business.

Once you are clear on your client experience the opportunity to transform your client management is close at hand, starting with simple changes in process all the way to investment in new technologies such as:  

  • Client Relationship Management Systems
  • Workflow Digitisation
  • Digital & Community Experience Platforms 
  • Risk & Compliance Automation Registers 

Sustainability: Grab the Competitive Edge Now

For years, large corporations have been leading the charge of sustainability. Some large organisations such as Rio Tinto, have famously divested profitable yet carbon intensive business assets because of consumer pressure.

Consumers are now telling businesses of all sizes in louder volume and larger numbers they expect us to adopt and declare sustainable business practices. 

While not currently mandatory in Australia, all organisations are living on borrowed time before a lack of sustainability (read ESG) reporting will start to significantly impact the bottom line.

We understand the burden of reporting can seem overwhelming, but digitising and indeed automating your existing environmental, social and governance measures is cheaper and more simple than you think. More importantly, reporting now will give you a competitive edge.

For more information on how you can get a competitive edge by starting your ESG reporting journey speak click here.

Break Down the Data Silos, See the Future

2023 is your year to get into the fortune-telling business. 

Your magic 8 ball has been right in front of your eyes this whole time, held hostage for too long and once liberated will finally help you answer important questions about the future of your business.

Bringing all of your data together, out of historical silos, could turn megabytes of storage into megatrends.  More than a dashboard of red, amber and green this data, properly harnessed, will result in the numerical proof you need for investment approval by the C-suite and/or the Board. 

Where to Start? Map It.

We’ve all heard horror stories about technology implementations that had no function, internal support or change management plan and we agree Freddy Krueger does not belong here. All successful digitisation projects start by asking the right questions; a discovery of the true “why” and for whom before the how is even considered.

The next step does not have to be a gigantic one – it just needs to be a step. Our clients depend on us to help them discover how to get from Point A to Point Z with a map, a digitisation map. Give us a call on 1300 796 771 to get your map, or Contact Us Here.