Power to the Digital Punt

As the horses, jockeys and visiting royalty gather we are reminded of the great Australian urge to gamble. Do we love a winning result or the addiction of the possible?

Status Quo, Good Enough?

We think it’s both and in the digital world a punt can seem scary, and better that money wasn’t spent without a good result rather than risk a few hundred dollars on something that could just turn into something successful.

Digital, Built to Your Measurements

The cool part about digital is that it can be measured. Adword dollars can be linked to sales, return on website enhancement dollars can be measure directly by improved on site visitor statistics and sales leads, and it should be that way.

Champagne Now or Later?

It would be nice if those results showed up in fancy frocks, suit & tie with a bottle of champagne like your Melbourne Cup bet. Or maybe you treat your staff to a great Melbourne Cup party next year because today was the day you bet on your business success and won.

The Power of the Punt

It is possible to win with digital, in fact, its a certainty.