Three Things Social Media Training Must Offer You

We love stripping the jargon away from what really matters when it comes to online. We insist on leaving those terrible techie three letter acronyms checked at the door when we train our clients on to get the best out of LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or any of the other online places that gets their business seen and heard.

We love the upsurge in training interest, people want to know and understand better what the tech buzz words of today offer them. We also know that people value their time and money and when it comes to training our clients we think these three things are a must:

1. Complete Profile Setup

– We too roll our eyes at some of the verification hoops we have to run through to get a Google Plus company profile setup, but once you have it, its worth it. Your trainer should work with you to get your setup completed with attractive images and relevant content about your company. The front door has to look good enough for people to knock, come in and take a look around and the job should not be left half done.

2. Customised Training Content

– A company selling directly to consumers is unlikely to benefit from LinkedIn the way that a business to business company will. So while it’s valuable to understand the major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, its better if the training is on a topic that will benefit you directly from day one.

3. Follow Up Support

– The downside of the boom in online help is that sometimes its hard to find what you actually need. Follow up information and advice specific to your training session will be a gentle and relevant reminder that you are empowered and that you can actually do this online marketing stuff.

Why you should use social media to your advantage is because it comes down to how best to connect to your people, and how to demonstrate that you offer value better than your competitors. The appropriate training can give you the knowledge to understand that there is is an online tool out there that will work for you and that you can take full advantage with a helping hand.

If you would like a hand please give us a call to discuss how we can customise training that works for you, 1300 796 771.