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Artificial Intelligence on the web

Using artificial intelligence, with a complicated algorithm of logics and code, companies employing this method can create a website in minutes.  WIX claims they are testing the use of this software in their builds. Using this technology, WIX, like other DIY website builders, can save a great deal of time and money, but will the […]

SEO, so what?

    Why does this work matter and what happens if you don’t do it? SEO means: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), if you pause to think for a second it very quickly sinks in that SEO is a very sensible thing to do. Why wouldn’t you want your site to appear at the top of […]

Hubspot & Canva – More Collaboration Please!

Attention Hubspot & Canva, please integrate more! Hubspot, we see your Canva profile but take it further. Those awesome templates? Put them on Canva so we can use them directly in the app! We love blogging about both of you and we really don’t want to use Powerpoint anymore! So maybe you guys should go […]

How to Start Building Your Business Empire Today

Back to the grindstone, back to the same old maybe not going anywhere job, feeling closed in by a company that is anything but merit-based? Time to run your own show? Naawwww…yeah? If you’ve even spent an hour investigating running your own company then you’ve probably heard the black and white, the bad and the […]