White Knight becomes WK Digital


White Knight Web Design was formed in 2008. The name represented a time in the industry where a customer focused quality web designer was needed, given a reasonable proportion of the web industry operated out of their car boots. We worked hard to not only provide quality websites but help those stranded by other companies who couldn’t finish the job.

We’ve grown together with many of our customers who are still with us from the early days.

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The digital landscape is constantly evolving. We have added an office in San Francisco, at the heart of the evolution. We want to focus on maintaining our core services, but also ensure that you have access to proven cutting edge revolutions in the digital space.

Rebranding to WK Digital reflects your growth and our growth. We are still here to help, but we’ve grown to provide you with more. WK maintains our heritage and our core ethos; but it also reflects our transformation into a mid tier multinational digital agency.

We still have the same dedicated local staff and we remain resolutely focused on you. This rebrand to WK Digital reflects that we are now in a better position to provide you with digital tools that will enhance your competitive position.

What Can Digital Mean for You?

As technology – and human beings – evolve, new words have to be used to describe what is happening. The word ‘digital’ may have once been used very little, but these days it is on everyone’s lips; the main trouble is that it means different things to different people.

We might say, “It’s a digital world these days” and simply mean that almost everyone uses a PC or iPhone. But saying ‘We need to go digital’ has a somewhat different meaning.

Different Shades of Digital for Business

Even for the business world, ‘digital’ has different shades of meaning. It is more about how things are done. We can now store information digitally and find it takes up less room. We can contact people digitally and find it is quick and convenient. Or we can change the way the whole company works to embrace the digital age and become more efficient and competitive. The latter encompasses a whole different way of doing almost everything.

Analyse, Build, Measure, Repeat

Automating business reporting, building a website, accounting through a portal, a new logo or a new mobile app. These are examples of “going digital” that all businesses can embrace for a lot less than they think. A new digital project always requires examination of the desired end outcome and therefore a business already has a success benchmark that can be measured and reported. It also means that their customer base can expand exponentially once they have the results back to tweak, retry and/or try anew.

Too Much Communication?

To most people away from the world of business, the word digital simply means a way of communicating with their friends and family. Using iPhones is second nature to most people these days and means you can communicate with someone without actually talking to them, thus it is more convenient and less invasive. An email or text message can be sent quickly with hardly any interruption to your day. That said, much time is consumed in spelling out all the words and waiting for the reply. Checking their phone for messages takes up a lot of time. Being constantly available to friends and enemies alike means very little privacy or down time. No wonder people are feeling stressed.

Keep Learning through Digital

To the older generation ‘digital’ may mean they can do video calls with grandchildren they may not see very often otherwise. It is all about photos and maybe email rather than streaming music or movies. That is on a personal level. But what about a small business run by an older person who does not have much time – or the inclination – to learn about anything digital? They may one day find it much more difficult to get the services they need.

Online Forms, Not Fax

For instance, a farmer who sees no need to ‘go digital’ suddenly finds he cannot get the tail tags or forms that he needs to sell his cattle because the PP Board in his local town closed down. Now they have a central office hundreds of kilometres away and offer their service from a website. Suddenly, forms must be ordered from the website and paid for online. So he is pushed into the 21st century, complaining loudly all the way. Or if he is lucky, his grandchildren do it for him.

Opportunities to Run a More Efficient Business

Small businesses are less likely to have all the services they need, but will find that they work with digital service providers easily and quickly once they embrace the digital world. For instance, a glass cutter who makes and installs shower stalls cannot be at his place of business all the time when he is out on the job. Even with a mobile phone he can miss out on business, simply because he cannot work and answer the phone at the same time. But he could easily get a VA to answer the phone for him.

Or what about a truck driver who spends hours on the road, often out of his local area? He won’t feel like doing his books when he gets home – and may not even know how to keep proper records. But digital records are easy to keep and accounting can be done by a specialist so that he can spend more time driving and not be fined by the ATO for late – or no – tax returns.

Small businesses cannot afford to hire IT staff permanently, but they can still have a website built and managed to expand their business by working with the right digital service providers. There are many things in the digital world that can expand your business; you don’t have to know how to do it all yourself when there are professionals just a few clicks away.

A Feeling of Achievement, Every Day

So really, ‘digital’ really comes down to your own strategy for different and easier way of doing many things in both business and personal lives. Digital can help you refine what is important to you and the best way to achieve in the time you need it, and taking an active interest in digital opportunities, you’ll have a better sense of achievement day to day.

Looking for Creativity & Inspiration in One? Try Canva!

In an ever-changing online world Google and everyone you know is content hungry! And you can’t just share a nice written article anymore; you need to make it beautiful with creative design and imagery.

If it’s that important to Google and your users, shouldn’t there be something that doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to use?

Enter Canva

For those who have never used this kind of thing before, it has its own very simple training modules that you simply click the ‘Design School’ button up the top to find easy, step-by-step instructions.

And if you still need some extra love and care, click on ‘Hint’ at the bottom left of the module to be taken to video that demonstrates exactly what to do. The best part is that each one loads and plays through so quickly so there is no chance to forget what it is you have to do. Once you grasp the simple basics it is very easy to make an amazing infographic, poster or whatever else you need.

One of the best features of the software is the ability to drag and drop to insert your choice of image or text box into your poster or whatever it is you are working on. What’s even cooler, is even if you you have the whole thing finished and you decide you don’t like that background after all, it’s so easy to change!

And maybe the coolest, you can use one of the thousands of free images provided or your own image that you have uploaded. No need to pay loads for istock images or your own photographer!

Melanie Perkins

This software is easy to use because it was designed by a graphic design university teacher for her students who found it difficult to understand other software – like most of us. Melanie Perkins is an inspiration to all of us. From simply wanting to help her students design their university yearbooks more easily, she has become the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. Of course, such things don’t happen in a vacuum and she did have help, but she has certainly put in the hard work and the hours to create her dream.

The Canva Story

It took seven years to get her dream up and running and in that time she worked hard and kept her focus on her business plan instead of diverging like many young companies do. It is this single minded focus teamed with patience and care in choosing just the right person for the third helper that has helped to make her company so successful. And now it is up and running, expansion is on the way with Canva for Business almost ready to go.


Learning about what Melanie has done should inspire all those who have a goal of any kind to not be afraid of hard work and long hours if it means success in the end. Her journey also teaches us the importance of having patience and in choosing wise and knowledgeable people to help us along the way.

Freshen Up Your Marketing Mix – Go Offline!

We were recently invited to an American Chamber of Commerce lunch in Brisbane on behalf of our Adelaide Plains customer Dominic Versace Wines and it was a terrific example of how to efficiently bring your brand to a national audience.

Dominic Versace Wines is in growth mode, appealing to the growing Chinese taste for high quality wine with an excellent, award-winning brand reputation.

Amcham (as the Chamber calls itself) is an extremely well connected group, the room was filled with QLD CEOs and major consulting, banking and law firm representation. Queensland is in growth mode too, trying to appeal to the growing Chinese appetite for authentic tourism experiences.

Having their wine on each table and a great plug by Robyn Houghton from AmCham gave Dominic Versace Wines direct access to people who can help them expand their business and drive some offline relationships online.

We have been eagerly supporting the growth of Dominic Versace Wines because they continue to think outside the promotional box.

Consider the opportunity to relaunch your marketing strategy along with a new website, there is so much to the mix.

How Snapchat Can Help Your Business

Almost everyone is on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter most people have now embraced the digital way of communicating. What’s even cooler, is that new social media platforms are popping up everyday, reinventing the way we communicate with each other on a personal level, but also the way businesses can communicate to their consumers.

Enter Snapchat

With more than 100 million users each day, Snapchat is the fastest-growing social network of them all. With the unique way Snapchat works, it stands out from the other platforms and means if your business joins in, you have an amazing opportunity to stand out and shine.

If you aren’t familiar with how Snapchat works, it’s an app especially designed to make the experience of seeing content online with a mobile device instant and for a limited time only.

Snapchat’s main feature is the short shelf life of it’s content. The user (whether it be an individual or a business) can choose how long they wish to share their photo or video for (we are talking from 4-10 seconds). This means the content that is shared captivates the consumer, because if they don’t pay attention the content will be gone forever. It is this need for undivided attention that sets it apart from the other platforms.

How this Can Help Business

Interaction with consumers is one of the most important aspects of business. Getting a captivated group of people who are interested in your product is way up there on the importance scale too. Snapchat makes both these things easy to do. Not only are their millions of young people using this app, but they are ready and willing to join in the chat – interact with businesses they are interested in buying from.

How One Business Uses Snapchat

Say hello to 16 Handles, a frozen yoghurt chain that sends out offers to their young target market using Snapchat. Their customers only have to send a selfie or a snap of their friends eating yoghurt at a branch of the business and they are immediately sent a discount coupon to use on their next purchase. It will be a discount of between 5% and 100%. However, the coupon cannot be opened until they are at the checkout because it expires 10 seconds after it is opened.

16 Handles’ target audience is Gen Y & Gen Z and they know this generation love taking selfies. With the discount offer expiring after 10 seconds it creates a sense of urgency, ensuring that it is highly likely to be used. When consumers use the coupon their details are kept by the business, thus enabling them to create a list of customers who are keen to buy. 

Not just food for thought

All kinds of business can benefit from Snapchat, especially if their target market is between 13 and 35. You can share behind the scenes snaps and other content users can’t find on your other social platforms, and have sneaky discount coupons, giveaways and specials of various kinds sporadically to keep them tuning in.

How to Get the Marketing Gold

Anyone who wants to harvest details (names and email addresses) from potential customers who visit their website knows it’s not as easy as it sounds. But, if you’re creative it can be easier than you think. All you need to do is offer them something in return for the gold.

Getting people to part with their email address doesn’t have to be all that difficult if you offer them something of real value. A free giveaway will also add interest to your website and make your visitors think twice about leaving it without giving you some contact details, especially if you make it super easy to signup.

Also keep in mind is the free gift or offer should align to that of the service or product your business offers. This is to make sure your website visitors will be actually interested in signing up. So what can you offer? It really depends on the kind of business you have, but here are a few suggestions:

A White Paper

This will usually be on a topic of interest to your visitors and is more in the academic line. It is usually around 7 pages, but can be more or less, so long as it contains important information that they are unlikely to find elsewhere. It may also contain validation links to certain points that are made as well as links back to whatever you are selling or whatever else it is you would love to encourage them to do. Ours is a 2 page jargon free guide to website design that you can download from this page here.

Free Designs

Free designs can be as elaborate or simple as you like. They can be in template form or in the form of an offer, depending on how much time and effort you are prepared to give. Templates are the easiest and quickest to do as they can be made in advance.

An Informative eBook

This can be on a topic that your visitors are sure to be interested in. For instance, if you are selling cat food, an appropriate eBook could be on cat health, different types of cats or even cat training. You can put links in the eBook back to your website products, or to other websites that sell cat items, so long as they are not in direct competition to your own products.

A Fiction eBook

If you are selling fiction eBooks, offering a short fiction book is sure to be a winner with visitors to your website. It should be one that is not available anywhere else. If your books are for adults, offering a free one for their kids might work. Or you could offer another eBook that they would be interested in – this is usually a short story or novella.

A Short Email Course

If you are offering training of some kind, a short course will be the ideal free giveaway. It should contain valuable information while offering hints about how much more your training can offer them. It is easy to automate sending this course using an email responder such as Active Campaign or MailChimp (we have put more information together about these email services in a previous blog). You can offer something like one email containing tips and hints a week for 4-6 weeks. Links should go to your main course at the end of each email.

A Special Offer

Again, it totally depends on what your business is, but offering a special promotion in exchange for signing is a good idea especially if you are trying to increase sales. Whether it’s a free valuation or a 10% off coupon, you can get really creative and your potential customers will appreciate the thought.

Be Daring

Remember, the best giveaway will solve a problem for your visitors, be easy for them to follow and also remind them of your brand in the future. Doing something a little different will also get their attention, so try and be creative when brainstorming a way to get their details. Don’t forget, once you’ve got their details that’s when the real marketing fun can begin.

Its also important that your website has the latest tools to help you market your giveaway and connect your new client details directly to your email marketing program – give us a call if you would like to discuss a more connected online marketing strategy than you have today – 1300 796 771.

Customers Are on Your Website, Now What?

The Good News: you just spent money, blood, sweat and maybe a few tears getting your new website out there.

The Frustrating News: it’s like a plant, it needs to be cared for daily.

The Good News: If you’ve just refreshed it you have an outstanding chance in making it work for you, rather than the other way around.

The Important News: You need to make sure the “Now What?” question has clearly been answered. By giving a good website experience to your current and future customers you need to make sure what you get in return is useful.

Our top three suggestions for the getting the best return:

Visible Contact Phone Number

Your contact phone number should be clearly visible within one finger scroll anywhere on your website

Name and Email Only

Your website freebie (giveaway product, assessment, video, white paper) collects only requires a small amount of information to be given. We suggest first and last name and email, maybe a phone number. This dramatically increases people’s submission rate and allows you to market to them on email (which still has a great return rate – see here)

Useful Data Collection

Integrate any information you collect directly into the online sales tool you use to manage leads. If you use a particular CRM product for example then no one should have to manually add the lead to that program, it should happen automatically so you can get on with selling.

While there are many options for addressing “Now What?” in our next blog we will cover those freebies/giveaways you have on your website that reward people for sharing their contact details.

Does Your Business Need an App?

To App or Not to App, That is the Question

We love technology at White Knight and are always amazed at the beautiful, powerful things that are possible through innovation in our industry. But we have a stubborn practical streak too, and that practical streak makes us question whether building an app for your business is necessary.

What is an app? Google says its a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

When it comes to building an app for your business the cost (in time and money) are often not worth it. There are three key things that you need to strongly consider when it comes to your app decision-making process.

1. People are lazy – you could build the most amazing app that no one ever bothers to download to their phone. And if by chance they do, it should be so easy to use it practically does its thing by itself. There is a whole segment of the technology industry that focuses completely on user experience. They are smart, knowledgeable and usually charge more than $100/hour.

2. Apple & Android App stores have a set of procedures you have to follow to get that app into the marketplace – They are the ultimate store front for your app and they want the final say on quality control, as they should. And every time you update your app you have to jump through these hoops to reach your audience. Think more developer time, and more money.

3. Everyone Just Googles It Anyway – It is pretty common knowledge that if a client can remember your business name they are going to Google it, go to your website and then get what they need from there. Then you only have to have a great website, not a great website and an a great app. Less development time = less money.

But what about your website, it looks terrible on mobile, so hard to read and you get lots of people leaving your website. This is so easy to fix and you only need to invest in a great, mobile responsive website to kill two birds with one stone.

What the heck is mobile responsive? In normal terms the website will adjust the way it displays based on the size of the screen being used so that it gives best most readable display.

If your website looks the same no matter where you look at it then it might be time for a new website. Mobile responsive design should be a key part of what you get in this new website so make sure to ask about it.

So, to app or not to app? We think in most cases, not. There are amazing apps out there being built and enhanced by companies with corporate sized marketing budgets and we are better for their hard work. So we think its ok to say thank you to the big guys and no thank you to building our own.

Happy New Financial Year!

Last week was about tidying up, this week is about opportunity. You don’t have to wait for the end of the calendar year to reflect & revise your business strategy. Take today, take 30 minutes, 3 hours, whatever it takes to assess the best of what you have achieved so far this year and what you want to improve on.

We are pretty sure your sales and marketing plan will come up in the things to improve on, who doesn’t strive for more customers? We believe an effective online marketing strategy centred around your own professional website is the most cost-effective place to put your money and energy.

Most of you have a website already, but if you don’t its kind of like having a phone number for your business that is not public. Websites come in all shapes, sizes & prices but there are three important things to consider for an existing or a new website.

Does your site get traffic?

Google provides an incredibly simple tool to add to your site to tell you all sorts of great information about your business website, who is coming, how long they stay, if they convert to being customers and its FREE!

How are people getting to you?

Has someone been bothering you about getting an app for all those users that don’t like looking at your site on their mobile phone? Maybe you need an app and maybe you don’t, but you need that Google traffic tool to figure that out. Did we mention that Google tool is FREE?

Are you making money from your website?

Lead generation is an important reason for having a website but we are equally passionate about the opportunities for making money with online ordering. If you want to extend your reach to customers inside or outside your local area then you should strongly consider a website where people can purchase your products or services directly without the need to pick up the phone.

These three things are a great place to start evaluating how to best use your own website as a launch pad for an informed online marketing plan. So start today, grab some time, just for you and your team to think about the future, dream big and start the second half of the year the way you have always intended.

Interested in our newly revamped WebPOS online ordering solution? Click here for more details.